hot-glew-album-coverBrett Keller is Hot Glew, a project that makes experimental music with no direction or form. His last EP was a wonky trip, filled with weirder than weird song structures and instruments that sounded like they were made of household items.

This Side of Wherever is a change in form or more of a coming into form. This time with familiar instrumentation like the always popular six-string guitar, Keller foregoes the path of weird guitars on this EP. The wonky Subjugated at its center feels like a pop song but still has the off-kilter of an experimental song. Even the simplest of setups, a guitar and drum machine, is made to feel alien. The tottering guitar, backed up by a simple machine drum pattern, goes on a strange uneven shuffle that feels weirdly magnetic. In his creaky falsetto, Keller croons about being driven to insanity by someone’s control, mixed in with erratic synths and occasional ooohs.

Cereal Pairing: Apple Jacks