Get away and stay a while with Banff,” the second single from  Honeymoons. These brooding Bournemouth boys are making quite the introduction with their sweet sounding and perfectly put sadly uplifting dream pop.”

Following the equally promising debut Los Angeles,” the latest track follows a more somber and slow, yet buoyant rouse. The songs’ transportive manner is also a common thread between the two, not only the location based titles, but their ability to move the mind amongst space and time.

The airy, weightless sound of Banff” is seemingly effortless and undeniably catchy. Part of their shtick, and now a part of our music library, the irony behind Honeymoons’ melancholic lyrics and upbeat melodies is an unwavering staple of their music. Despite being leveled with the inevitable dissapointment of love however, hints of optimism shine through both instrumentally and lyrically.

I don’t know where I come from, but this is where I belong”

We can’t wait to take the trip with Honeymoons, no matter where it ends up.

Cereal Pairing: _ Croönchy Stars,_ because Honeymoons shines bright and sounds sweet!