Holy Tunics Batman, this song is great!

The crooning of a selfishness in the inevitable quest for love is both blatant and bold in the latest track off Holy Tunic’s debut album (limited 7″ copies available now via Seagreen Records).


one hand clutching the straw map to your heart// and it’s mine, all mine”

A strong bass line, emotionally fuzzy vocals, and an effortlessly infectious melody journeys through the track to give us a possibly unintentional optimistic feeling on the unavoidable…up until the abruptly pessimistic ending (omen much?).

The level of need to find love in the song becomes equivalent to the level of need to listen to the song again.

I’ve seen it somewhere, wherever// two people go together// I’ve seen it on the streets// and it seems like something I want, just for me”

Catch them in Brooklyn on April 7th.

Cereal Pairing: Frosted Mini Wheats, for its straw-like texture.