For most of us, winter is coming (that one’s for you GOT fans); but for Harry Willicombe and Tim Stamper, being holidazed is never ending. This dreamy duo go by the moniker Holiday Home, and they’ve taken us back to those summer days and careless ways with their debut EP Greetings From. 

12208270_1198527930161530_2735615808927058473_nSelf-described as diy sun-kissed slack-pop, this five-track gem clocks in at under ten minutes, but holds enough talent and potential to create a need for a full-length album in the future.

Shoe-gazy and surf-rocky, this EP in the sun is an ode to summer lovin’ that melts into heartbreak and leaks over into the less loved seasons. We need a place to get away / We need a holiday home / You’re my holiday home” , sings Willicombe in the title track. Along with, It’s you / It’s true / I need you now, I know for sure”,  on So Fresh, So Easy”.

The 48-second Wish You Were Here”, backed by barking dogs, is a blatantly honest one-liner (see below) that presents a problem we all have, and the solution we all look for. I’m not even that cool, I”m not even that pretty / Let’s get away from it all, let’s get away from the city

If we could go anywhere right now, it’d be Holiday Home”.

Harry and Tim to C+S:

The idea behind Greetings From, is that you’re getting a post card from us about the amazing time we had at camp Holiday Home chasing the girl, becoming besotted with the girl, getting dumped by the girl, but not worrying about it all because we’re having the time of our lives. And whenever you find yourself cold, damp with nowhere to go you’ll always have an invite to our Holiday Home”

Cereal Pairing: Smorz, for those bonfire nights on the beach~