We’ll take any chance we get to say sextet, especially when that sextet is High Tide 15:47.  The Newcastle newcomers (to us at least) are comprised of Steven Gordon, Dan Murray, Al Charnley, Nick Hodgson, Gaz Murray and Cole Gilroy.

14359171_1398765666818080_5559823422105974426_nTheir latest single, And The Bubble Burst,” is drenched in reverb and dripping with  talent. The addictive quality of the track stems from the jangly guitar work and aurally apathetic, yet undeniably emotive vocals.

And The Bubble Burst” does indeed burst, failing to remain within the confines of a genre. With nods to bedroom-pop, garage-rock, and psychedelia (sorry, no hyphen here), we don’t see High Tide 15:47 falling to low tide anytime soon.

Cereal Pairing: ricebubble-375-au-fricebubble-375-au-f

Rice Bubbles, because they snap, crackle and pop as much as this track.



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