fool cover henry demosWhen not making tunes with Lauren E. Walker (aka Lewtrakimou) for their dream-pop project, Nice Legs, Mark Lentz goes by his pseudonym, Henry Demos. Under their alternative aliases, the Arkansas-to-Seoul transplants released an excellent split cassette earlier in the year via Fox Food Records.

An already proven pop-wizard (no, we have actual proof), Demos can effortlessly conjure up a frenzy of euphoric instrumentation that bewilders and enraptures. Written and recorded in a day (video done the day after), Yeah, I’m A Fool” is a sublime commingling of intoxicating ambiances that’ll hurl you into a lucid dream you’ll never want to wake from. The video features Demos casually smoking under an azure haze with a dash floral and cloudy overlays.

Propelled by ebullient backing harmonies, Demos lackadaisically mumbles over a perfect collage of jittery guitars, frolicking low-end grooves, and undulating synth purrs from Kid Choir.” Gushing with bliss, Yeah, I’m A Fool” will edge out a smile and leave you mystified. I don’t know about you, but those faint woodblock knocks give me the chills.