henoheno-canadaHenoheno is an immensely prolific lo-fi project based out of Toronto, Canada that, despite being able to amass a huge body of work, there’s little background to scrape from the Internet on the project. Last year’s Canada is getting the cassette treatment from Fox Food Records, which will be ready for mid-April.

Gradually building off its self, the timid Peas and Carrot is pleasantly cacophonous, embellished with endearing pop harmonies created by ragged guitar improvisations tangled with invigorating wooden percussion. Henoheno’s deadpan vocalization makes the track even more memorable with its vague yet beguiling refrain, you know you need the last of me / and I want you so can’t you see? / and I know that you love me too.

Cereal Pairing: DIY bowl of granola