Covered on this blog and beyond, a lot of bands were able to seize 2016 and made it a busy year for themselves. Releasing Canada earlier last year on Fox Food Records and going on tour last summer, Henoheno was able to eek out another batch of material right before the start of the new year. The Toronto-based duo, comprised of Henry Thompson and Jenny Yu, offer up their flickering bedroom pop that’s at times beautifully dense and infinitely catchy.

Piggybacks in part was inspired by loss but also friendship. One of the more tender songs for me in recent memory is Boulder. The bleary-eyed track is a solemn reminder of the fragility of life as shivery guitars overlay a billowing ambiance. In the midst of loss, there will always be others to help you through cope if we’re as fortunate. Both members are featured on vocals, Jenny unsure if she is able to console (“suddenly you look towards me doi provide what you need? / how to be kinder than you were to me) while Henry combing through questions and emotions (“what you think, what’s it mean are we all stuck in a dream).

Cereal Pairing: Cheerios