Although we don’t agree with Hate Drugs that California girls are the girls for them, their music trumps any coastal quarrel on chick preference.

The surf-rock quintet saves us New Yorkers a couple hundred doll hairs on flight tickets, transporting us to the tropics with their latest EP, Beach Weekend. The 3-track ocean side, beach front musical trip is undeniably addicting, chillingly relaxing, and flawlessly executed. David Caploe (lead vocals/guitar), Josiah Caploe (keyboards), Adrian Diaz (drums), John Irwin IV (bass), and Norman Lee (lead guitar) have given us the quintessential summer soundtrack, right when we get the feeling that it’s somehow already over.


Lovers in the Summer is the perfect introduction to the EP. Hate Drugs stories their perfect day of driving to the beach, hanging with the homies, and checking out chicks. Looking for love in the infinite summer days is made hopeful and attainable as David sings true love is difficult to find”, but summer love can happen in a day.” The beautifully delicate follow-up track,Sleep When We’re Dead, not only takes you to a different place, but also a different time. The lesson in being”very young and very much alive is given in a guitar-led melody that actually makes you question whether you’ve been doing summer all wrong this whole time. Following suit, Never Wanna Leave is a sweet, swoon-worthy serenade that builds and climaxes into a mesmerizing love song that you wish you were dancing on the sand by moonlight to.

We love Hate Drugs as much as we love summer, so here’s to hoping they bring their tropical tunes over to the east coast before the dreaded New York winter hits.

Cereal Pairing: Sprinkle Spangles, for all the stars in the summer night skies.