Harry Maslen or formally known as Beach Coma is part of the Candy / Buddy Holliday collective that we’ve been raving about the past few months. There hasn’t been much word on why Maslen dropped the Beach Coma moniker, but a quick Facebook search reveals at least two or three other bands with the same name. Recorded with the help of Calum Newton (Candy), Maslen’s debut track has a bit of familiarity for anyone who has listened to Candy or Buddy Holliday material. The solemn Coming Down is jittery and spangling with Maslen’s chipper vocal delivery that conceal somewhat a darker subject matter that intersect with addiction and heart break (“Would you pray for me until my problems all leave / I will bleed and I will scream come on baby it’ll be such a dream). A pleasant groove of woe and sun-brined instrumentation, Coming Down tingles every feeling in your cranium.

Cereal Pairing: Frosted Cheerios