From Rock City comes rock n’ roll youngin’ Ian Ruhala. Performing under the moniker HALA, the 18 year old has been releasing a constant stream of killer lo-fi tunes over the past couple of years. Not his first album, but possibly his strongest, “Spoonfed was released several weeks ago via Balaclava Records, and it is definitely a Detroit dime.

Club Soda,” off that record, is one tune out of many (12 to be exact) that we can’t press pause on. The combination of gentle vocals, melodic riffs, and lovey dovey lyrics like, you’re not my club soda, you’re my fancy wine,” makes for a perfectly dreamy bedroom-pop track that’s somehow haunting, but undeniably honest.

Cereal Pairing: Sdownload (1)ir Grapefellow, because it’s the only thing you should be being spoon fed.