There’s not much we know about Melbourne mates Great Places, really, other than they’re a great band. With bands like Skegss, Hockey Dad, and The Pinheads all sending some sweet tunes over from the land down under, Great Places is no exception.

Their latest, and only online released track,  Early In The Morning” is undeniably infectious, and effortlessly great. At only two and a half minutes, this banger reflects the seemingly instantaneous and unavoidable trip we all take falling in love…or whatever. Unlike that trip though, with no real ups or downs, the song remains consistently strong throughout, and results in no disappointment.

early in the morning, I wake up thinking of you I don’t like where this is going, I’m falling for you”

you’re like a burning flame, but at the same damn time you’re like the pouring rain // you’re like the blood in my veins, but at the same damn time you’re like  a punch in the face”

Check out all the great people in Great Places’ video for Early In The Morning” below.

Cereal Pairing: Cookie Crisp, for all that puppy love shit.