grandstandsNo doubt the likes of Courtney Barnett and Tame Impala have brought new found interest in Australia’s blooming music culture. Of course this exposure is made possible by the Internet, a cliche but considering that it costs 15 USD to ship a vinyl record to the States from Australia ($7 for one cassette), its a pretty good cliche.

Grandstands is a four-piece headquartered in Melbourne featuring Chris Morton on guitar, Ant Maubach on drums, with Marc and Lenny de Aizpurua on guitar and bass. Their debut LP, Stranger, will be released early next year via Whalesmouth Records, which is run by the brainchild of Bandcamp Hunter.

The mellow psych-jazz Strangers (In A Sense) puts the band in the same breath as fellow Aussies Good Morning. The track abound with retrograde guitars that chirp and glide alongside a lackadaisical cast of complementary instrumentation. The lo-fi accentuates the diluted guitars and the band’s reclined persona.