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Goth Babe, every boy’s dream girl at one point or another, and now one of our new favorite bands. The brainchild of Griffin Washburn and some homies” (Eli Perron and Liam Quinn), this Nashville trio has produced pure garage-rock gold with the release of their Wasted Time EP (quickly following their Fuzz Ghost EP).

Bringing surf rock to the south, the 5-track EP carries a constant pace and a high energy throughout the entire 15 minutes it takes to listen to it, and become obsessed with it. Rather than each individual song building up and creating its own climax, it’s the EP as a whole that starts strong, remains consistently great, and ends against our instinctual need for more.

The title track “Wasted Time, perfectly introduces us to the fuzz drenched vocals, shredding guitar, and cymbal banging noise that gives you no choice but to listen to the EP from start to finish…about ten times over.

You’re in my head almost all the time, I need to let you know, sings Washburn, and that’s exactly how we feel.

Bummed Out follows suit with its surf-rock-on-acid sort of vibe and sexy falsetto action. Despite Washburn’s apathy-filled vocal, Smoke exposes the emotive height of that with the simple question, Why won’t you smoke with me?”

Although it’s easy to get lost in the instrumental interludes, and need to mosh, Washburn’s words are equally heavy in weight. The contrast between the raw rock sound, and the straight up romantic lyrics, are displayed effortlessly in “Sunshine. Starting with a bad-ass bass line and ending with a strong showcase of Goth Babe’s raw talent, In My Head secures it all in. As the longest track on the EP, the tune takes you on a hauntingly dark journey into Gotham City (pun intended).

We promise, listening to Goth Babe will not be a waste of time. Come to New York soon boys, we’re ready to mosh with you.

Cereal Pairing: Count-choculaCount Chocula, because Goth Baby is scary good.