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Good Morning, Melbourne’s most laid-back band, returns with their latest LP, The Option. The group has shared a handful of previews that signal a return to a previous sound. Originally a partnership between core members Liam Parsons and Stefan Blair, the lineup has expanded to a four-piece with the addition of John Considine and James Macleod. The sprawling and hook-oriented territory the group displayed on mini-LP Glory, especially on single, Sub.

Abbreviated for submission, Sub is an earworm with brevity and cranked guitars. Initially slow and slurred, the track picks up with saccharine instrumentation and a wiggly tempo. Sullen vocals balance out the cranked jam, professing of apprehensions and internal arguments: who needs a boy without a spine / as free as a wireless telephone / I stop my thoughts and beat them out of fruition. The Option is out on April 5th and available for pre-order now.

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