Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons are the slacker duo Good Morning. The band released their excellent debut record Glory earlier this year on Solitare Records and recently dropped a pair of unheard singles.

There is a familiarity that’s being exuded by the new tracks, Step Aside and Oppsie which seems logical since they are unused tracks harvested from their Glory recording sessions. Flashing inklings of jazz, smothered by haze, the timid Step Aside hinges on a hammock-rocking-kind-of-groove intertwined with dimly lit instruments. Despite the subdued melody, the track has a pleasant air that’s infectious. Being the more jammy” of the two, Oppsie opens with a melody that Neil Young and Crazy Horse could’ve summoned up. Meandering but never fully taking the plunge, it’s hard not to succumb to the coasting attitude and sway along.

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