good morning - glorySlacker rock is one of those genres I often fail to sum up the words to describe. To be its one of those things where I know it when I hear it, like a DMX or Ja Rule song, I know its them when I hear it. Its one of those genres that lacks any overt or distinctive characteristics that makes it obviously distinguishable from plain old indie rock.”

Like with any genre, slacker rock has seen a bit of a revival over the past few years, but in the past, it should be noted that Australia has been partially responsible for the gradual uptick of these bands. The Melbourne-based Good Morning is a project between Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons, with Glory (via Solitaire Recordings) being their sophomore EP.

Releasing a pair of split-singles over the past summer, the slacker rock understudies branched out a bit with their sound showing hints of malaise afflicted psych-folk. Glory doesn’t deviate very far from the malaise hinged Shawcross,” while at the same time filtering the hazy elements heard in those pair of singles.

The bleary eyed opener Overslept is a gentle awakening that cradles with dewy guitars and woozy incantations of what in the world should I say? The initial single Cab Deg is the band at their most ornate. Mired in carefree grandeur, the dawn-bringing delight reeks of radiance with twang and blissed harmonies.

What starts as a slow and sultry jam (svelte saxophones included), the complacent pop number Give Me Something To Do abruptly morphs into a hurried call to arms in curing boredom. The Great Start may be an obvious homage to the OG slackers with a familiar lead riff that’s reminiscent to Newark Wilder.” Meticulously sluggish, the beady guitars and slow ticking percussion make for a hypnotic listen. A culmination of all the tracks thus far, the closer In The Way starts off as groggy and nonchalant but breaks out into a euphoric sprawl at its midpoint.

Meek yet lush, Glory” is an unassuming but engrossing listen with sublime subtleties that make these six songs persistently refreshing.

Cereal Pairing: Weet-Bix Crunchy Honey while swaying in a hammock or on your porch