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furnsss new movesYouth-y Burlington, Connecticut-dwellers, Furnsss, released their quirky debut long player, Silent Gold, late last year and continue their reign of fuzz-pop terror with their latest batch of songs entitled, New Moves (via the excellent 80N7). Much of the band recently graduated from high school, but impress with their innate ability to craft addictive slacker rock tunes.

The lo fidelity mess Jansport” is a sloppy start that is smeared with twang infected guitars on wonky timing, paired with an apathetic serenade about unreturned love. Its the least polished song on the EP, but the quirkiest, as pop ambiances bleed through the feedback and fuzz. #12 Looks Just Like You” is a hazed-out jangly inquiry on looking for life-answers and a death called paradise.” While the band has carved out an identity for themselves under the lo-fi umbrella, the boys get more anthemic on the second half of the EP.  “Slow Dark Water” is a big sounding 3-minute 90’s Alt-rock homage with hyper riffs and hefty drums that’ll make you feel giddy all over. The love-tune closer, Manic Pixie Dream Girl,” is the band its at its most fluid, with hiccuped guitars, and free flowing neo-psych routines.

New Moves is a much more polished effort that their stellar debut Silent Gold, but it doesn’t come at the expense of their quirky bedraggled pop identity.