Oh the sweet sound of nostalgia - the perfect pairing to Hey Arnold! on Netflix and a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. In an attempt to relive what seemed to be those TV glory days of our childhood, Z Tapes and Cereal+Sounds has created a compilation of all those jingles, jangles, and tunes for toons we all loved so much…and about to love even more.

With a track list of talent, the FRY YR BRN (Fry Your Brain) compilation includes 23 covers of great theme songs, by even greater bands. Both digital download and cassette release (limited 77 copies) are available for pre-order now. The best part is, you can do great with something that sounds great - all digital sale proceeds will go towards a Slovakian charity helping survivors of domestic abuse and children without a proper home. For all cassette sales, well, you get a cool cassette (and by cool cassette we mean it’s a thing that’s now sold at Urban Outfitters for an insane amount of money).

Support the scene, relive your youth (or your mom’s), and turn up the volume on these modern-day tunes. To entice you, we’ve already released 4 killer tracks, so try not to buy too many copies….or do, whatever.

Track Listing:

  1. Hello I’m Sorry - Somethin’ Else (The Great Rock n Roll Swindle)
  2. Fish Food - Franklin Theme (Franklin)
  3. Ainsworth - It’s Such A Good Feeling (Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood)
  4. Nice Legs - Muppet Babies (Muppet Babies)
  5. Ditch Effort - Little Boxes (Weeds)
  6. Mosey Jones - Whatever It Takes (Degrassi)
  7. Holiday Home - Found A Way (Drake and Josh)
  8. Isabel Rex - Clone High (Clone High)
  9. Starocean - Feel It All Around (Portlandia)
  10. Govier - Life is Flashing Before Your Eyes (Life Is Flashing Before Your Eyes)
  11. IZE - Falling (Twin Peaks)
  12. Mouse Trap - We’ll Figure It Out (Lizzie McGuire)
  13. pet cemetery - California (The O.C.)
  14. Queer Jane - Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (Scooby Doo)
  15. Ravetank - We Are The Crystal Gems (Steven Universe)
  16. The Wandering Lake - Those Were The Days (All In The Family)
  17. Thanks For Coming - (Theme From) The Monkees (The Monkees)
  18. Skating - Happy Days (Happy Days)
  19. MagicPerm - Weekenders (Weekenders)
  20. Lake Michigan - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
  21. Bedbug - Chan’s The Man (Jackie Chan Adventures)
  22. Casper Heyzeus - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  23. Stone Cold Fox - Dayman (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)