The lo-fi-fuzzed-garage sound comeback does not exclude Fruit Bombs hazy hit, It Don’t Matter. The Manchester men give us a totally untailored, yet perfectly executed love song with their latest track.

With their muddled melodies, electrifying geetar, and emotive harmonies, and vocals that make you feel something (mostly heartache), Fruit Bomb’s sound is definitely explosive. With Nai Harvests Ben Thompson as a common denominator, it’s impossible to be disappointed by the band’s undeniable talent.

A little grungy, and a lot gawky, Fruit Bomb is following up on the equally simple worded, instrumentally detailed Normcore Girlfriend. It Don’t Matter” is set to be released by Too Pure Singles Club in February.

It don’t matter, no it don’t matter, no it don’t matter no, as long as you’re with me,” repeatedly sung - and don’t worry, we are definitely with you Fruit Bomb!

Cereal Pairing: Fruity Pebbles, out of a coffee mug…that you haven’t rinsed the coffee out of yet.