field-trip-2-nyPsych-pop project Field Trip is readying their debut LP, Horror Vacui after much anticipation. The project is fronted by Noah Champ, who had made the move from LA to NYC back in 2014. Champ had originally been inspired by the hazy aesthetics of psych-pop, but has since shifted to a bleaker sound.

The volatile 2 NY is an enigmatic allegory to the city Champ now calls home. A mirky mix of industrial and funk, the track emulates the nocturnal mystique conjured during the city at night. A lurking beat aligns itself with nostalgic aromatics with the same warm tingle that lines records like Since I Left You. A spatially wondrous number (or a celestial banger” as Champ describes it), 2 NY is a pretty good at encapsulating the grandioseness of the city.

Cereal Pairing: Smorz