More cowbell may not be the right prescription for this fever, but I don’t think we need one. California quartet Fever Charms latest track Key To My Heart”, is catchy, addicting, and blurring the lines between genres. Start with a strong bass line, que some whistling, and add lo-fi vocals with some sexy falsetto action, and you have yourself a pop sensible track that you don’t realize you’ve played about a hundred times in a row.


Recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks in Sydney, Fever Charm is clearly riding a wave that has yet to waver. With the release of the equally catchy Buenos Aires earlier this year, following their Sound of Summer EP, Fever Charm is quickly defining their sound on the scene. Hints of doo-wop in their garage-pop tracks set them apart from other bands, reeking of charm (see what I did there).

We can’t wait for EP numero dos boys!

Cereal Pairing: Corn Pops, for that sweet, glazy sound.