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Naming your project Fake Laugh indelibly implies a sense of social savviness when it comes to deciphering those everyday conversational cues, and fortunately songwriter Kamran Khan is a man well versed in such an art-form. Already owning a back catalogue that stands testament to the observational wit implied by the pseudonym, Fake Laughs new song Near You adds further to the legacy and is here to perfectly express those sometimes sticky feelings we may have towards our crush and what it’s like to not quite make that golden first impression.

With instrumentation as heady as the emotions in our chest as we think about the one whose stolen our heart, the songs subject-matter of rejection and missing the mark isn’t displayed as some doom and gloom diatribe, but rather in a glowing, empathetic manner akin to a pat on the back and a learn from your mistakes” pep-talk, reminding us that we’re not the only ones walking this cramped path of finding true love. Khan’s angelic voice is our cicerone through this narrative, sublimely complimenting choruses which whir like a pinwheel in both vibrancy and action.  

Near You is one of the many singles dropping on the build-up to Fake Laugh’s new album Dinning Alone and adds to the projects reputation of crafting relatable confessionals, further establishing Khan as a songwriter we can all turn to for reassurance as we experience the turbulences of life’s journey.

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