To subvert the singer-songwriter” label that is habitually ordained on anyone who makes music under their own name, Jessica Jalbert donned the moniker Faith Healer. Rather than a solo-project, the Edmonton, Alberta-based project grew into a collaboration between Jalbert and multi-instrumentalist Renny Wilson. For the follow-up to the quietly superb debut, Cosmic Troubles, Jalbert wanted to go much simpler than the tracks on that record. On their first record as a duo Try ;-) (via Mint Records), the duo incorporates the subtle complexities into straight-forward compositions that vary from psychedelic marathons to quaint whispers.

Might As Well is assured pop radiating with a gleaming melody and buckled jangle. You can’t get it out of your head, dissecting every remark forgetting how it was at the start, Jalbert cooly sings as she anatomizes the anxiety-driven stream of thoughts one may succumb to on a daily basis. Might As Well is a soothing juncture in a record that compels the senses to try.

Cereal Pairing: Frosted Flakes