fair-mothers-albumFair Mothers comes from the mind of Aberdeen’s Kevin Allan. Anointed with the tender loving care of Fox Food Records, the project’s debut Through Them Fingers Yours and Mine is set for early November on vinyl, a first for the label.

Blind is the pine-tinged opener that’s perfect for the cooler weather approaching. Strewn together by slinky guitars and earthy ambiance, Allan’s smokey vocals are shadowed by the brightened timbre of Kathryn Josephs voice. Slinging striking lines like I don’t know why I’m asking you to, I don’t care about your fucking cats, Allen relays the lingering angst of a discontinued relationship that’s long in the past. While lacking the fuzzy sentiments that come from nostalgia, the track possesses a warm comfort that comes with good company.

Cereal Pairing: enhanced-buzz-20041-1360952406-0 Rainbow Brite