Its been a pretty good year in music for Baltimore, Wildhoney released an album and an EP this year, while being in the headlines with Lana Del Ray, Beach House released not one buy two records in as many months, Noisey recently highlighted the city’s rising rap talent, and then there’s Expert Alterations (who shares a member with Wildhoney).

Releasing one of my favorite records of 2015 (so far), You Can’t Always Be Liked, the band played their record release show at Rough Trade NYC. Their jangly pop draws from C86 bands like The Pastels and The Wedding Present while incorporating the scrappiness of The Clean and the bombastic energy of The Fall . Following up their stellar EP released by the Slumberland Records, the trio adds on to their array of nimble pop with an album that’s consistent throughout, brimming with familiar grooves that remain fresh even with multiple listens.

You Can’t Always Be Liked is out on Kanine Records now.

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