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Ex-Void have a smash and grab type mentality when it comes to melody, equally reaching for the dissonant alongside the melodic but always making sure that what they do balanced in the process. This shock and seduce type approach is at its peak on their latest single Only One, relying on a veneer of twee and romantic lyricism to soften the blow of a subject matter that plunders the depths of carnal perversions and confronts you with the odious curiosity of a hippie fetish. Still, any mention of aberrations are purely tongue-in-cheek, and the band are keen to keep the experience as jocular as possible.

The verses in Only One are a refreshing roller-coaster of honey sweet melody intermixed with peevish power-punk grit, carrying you up and down valleys of euphoria embellished with acoustic guitar overdubs and major-key solos to boot. However, with the light eventually submitting to the dark, it all ends on the same set of clashing chords that the song begun with; making you feel as if you’ve indulged your sweet tooth to the point of gluttony and are now receiving your just deserts by throwing up the contents back into the bowl. If all of this sounds overly dramatic to you don’t be fooled, Ex-Void want it this way. Only One is a venture for the punk card-carrying misfits, and when things are this catchy, it’s hard to not want a membership to the club.

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