With probably the sexiest song we’ve heard in a while, Ellie Bleachs “I Want You So Bad is now permanently ingrained in our musical minds and baby making playlists. Whoever she wants so bad, can’t possibly not feel the same after hearing this track.

Part of Seal of Approval Records Single Series in which they release a new tune every month for the entire year, Ellie’s song could not be more fitting for February - a month of sweet, sweet love.

The seemingly apathetic reverb and dragged out notes put the song in an almost slow-motion pace that gives you the extra time you don’t need to fully absorb its undeniable greatness. The raw talent, celebrated individuality, and impossibly inimitable sound has made us forever, Ellie Bleach fans.

Despite the blatant pining in her lyricism, there is a gorgeous irony in the Norwich singers confidence, making this a beautifully anthemic track for women’s empowerment.

Cereal Pairing: Magic Stars, because Ellie Bleach shines and her music is magic.