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Edo Storm is a musician from Utrecht, Netherlands. Storm released two records last year, Trouble In Paradise and The Tale of Oscar Wilson. The latter can be described as a concept record, which is based on an transient figure in Storm’s life. The record, inspired by Storm’s shared experiences with Wilson, comprised of an effusive mix of fractured folk meshed up with sticky beats.

The prismatic Remembering and Forgetting is a hasty track driven by rhythmic strings and programmed percussion. Animated but solemn, Storm’s monotone vocals offer a Damon Albarn kind of solemness with 21st century existentialism:

Wanna go out tonight
But Facebook is telling me my timing isn’t right
I guess I should be calling it a night

On The Tale of Oscar Wilson, Storm is taking tiny hurdles to graduate from the insular confines of the bedroom sonic paradigm.

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