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Guitarists Elliot Kleinman and Teo Hedigan are the duo Earth Dad. The two make mellowly lush music that fuses pop and shoegaze with a bit of nervous energy. Like their debut HELLO FOREVER, Kleinman and Hedigan continue with their offset pop sound on Townies. Although the band was able to get into the studio for parts of this record, the upgrade in production hasn’t messed around with their lush eldritch lo-fi.

Inundated with thoughts and tepid feelings, Geek is a love song that’s both endearing and a familiar experience of awkwardness (and my hurried thoughts race to you / and my earthquake hands shake when I stand still). Subtle hints of uneasiness add a sense of tension that derives from the song’s romantic matter. The track’s swaying tempo embeds a dreamy undertone to the duo’s brand of alien pop. Layers of guitars build upon each other for a plush sound that is dense but airy.

The record was self-released digitally and is now on cassette via Z Tapes.

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