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Drug Store Romeos new single Now You’re Moving is a song made for day-dreaming. Sprouting from the rolling English countryside of Hampshire, the band have spent a considerable amount of time in isolation concocting a sound that they feel most represents their collective vision, and pouring this newly-found artistic clarity into a debut that brings a cerebral approach to psychedelia and retro-ism.

Existing in an exotic world for the listener to relish in, Sarah Downeys tender voice shoots out like a light-beam across the dark emptiness of the songs intro, aiding and abetting the kaleidoscopic nature of the tune as it floats atop spitting snare drums and annular organ sounds like a kite hovering amid a gentle breeze. The repeating now you’re moving phrase sung throughout adds to the intoxicating atmosphere, revelling in the mystery that such a standalone statement can conjure.

The sense of space and dramatic sparseness is something of note within Now You’re Moving. It’s because of this pseudo emptiness that the beguiling instrumentation has its impact. It’s a beautiful world to dropped into, and for people who like to get lost in the moment, Drug Store Romeos’ new single has a lot to offer. 

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