Don Gero is a percussionist and music producer who resides in Portland, Oregon. Known for this mad alchemy creations, Gero is constantly mesmerizing with blinding speed percussion and whizzing electronics. His latest dons the quite appropriate title, Wizarding (via Crash Symbols), which accurately describes the magic that goes on within its songs. Comprised of 12 tracks, the record is divided up into four sections, each designated to an element, water, fire, earth, and wind. Within these sections, Gero tinkers with a particular sonic theme and malleates them into three compositions.

The cataclysmic Fire Ball I is a four-minute polyrhythmic explosion. An intense blend of krautrock, noise pop, and some shitgaze, the track is a barreling banger. Unrelenting synths and an avalanche of hypnotic grooves, Gero’s chaotic symphony is immensely catchy.

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