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New York City-based musician Daniel Figueredo dabbles in what he declares as gas station pop” with his project, Discount Sunset. Those very songs that explore that sound are collected in Figueredo’s debut, Perfect Attendance, which were written throughout 2018. Collaborating with multi-instrumentalist Michael Thompson, Perfect Attendance spans over five dusk inducing tracks with vivid pastel melodies and smokey grooves.

On the decked out neon-lit On Paper, the duo kicks up dust with streaking riffs and tightly wound percussion. Crooning I know what I’ve got to do know / cause I know just who I should be on paper / I don’t have a thing to prove now / cause I know what this life should be on paper, Figueredo burns through the sublime confessional along with his past mistakes and personal regrets.

Cereal Pairing: Honey Combs