Finally, some surf-rock not from Brooklyn. By way of Melbourne, DIET. (purposeful period) is a five-piece Aussie ensemble producing some undeniably catchy and inevitably jangly-calling tracks. DIET. is comprised of different dudes, from different lands, and different bands - Ben O’Loughin (vocals, synth, guitar), Carlos Tinsey (vocals, bass), Andy Taylor (vocals, guitar), Ted Mitchell (guitar), and Will Clancy (drums).


Just beginning last year with their debut single Your House,” DIET. has quickly amassed an impressive amount of attention and accolade with their unconventional surf-rock sound.

The second single off their upcoming debut EP, The Rip, follows suit in the true the early signs of a great band” fashion. The non-stop instrumentation is quick in pace, but heavy in talent. O’Loughin’s vocals, effortlessly strong, are also not to be overlooked.

As he sings, talk to me, tell me about your tomorrow,” it’s impossible not to recognize the potential of DIET., and the splash they’ve already made.

Cereal Pairing: Shreddies, because DIET. shreds.