denise t is a songwriter based in Queens, New York. Her debut EP, Sour Cream Queen, knocked us out with it’s intimate and wholly relatable lyrics about high school and heartbreak. Almost a year since we wrote about her debut and Denise has grown into her own as a musician and lyricist.

Sprouting her new EP angel, soft n sweet is an effusively endearing track that could’ve come straight out your diary. Like with many of her songs, they are stories of her own and yet they feel like they could be yours. A slice of teen follies paired with Denise’s dulcet vocals imparts a fuzzy feeling that may bring up nostalgic (or bad) memories of your formidable years. Hitched syncopation with minimal instrumentation props up the track as a quirky lo-fi number that should be added to coming-of-age indie flicks.

Cereal Pairing: Fruity Pebbles