dg-hot-headThrough their usual method of surprise, Death Grips released their latest single without notice on a Saturday night, just hours removed from when Beyoncé revealed her own surprise single. Of course this is a standard for the always mysterious Sacramento, CA-based trio.

A few months since the band’s cryptic posting an announcement for their upcoming LP Bottomless Pit, Hot Head is the band’s newest material since the release of Jenny Death, part two of their double LP The Powers That B, which was thought to be their last.

Familiar in the band’s caustic and nihilistic fever, Hot Head feels like a continuation of the Jenny Death but yet feels new. With a grand entrance, M.C. Ride goes off into demented fits as Zach Hill and Flatlander try to keep up with roving guitar-like synths and unhinged drums. Having a shifty feel, the verse is dominated by a steady beat from Hill and pulsating electronics that’s layered over a vague hook that addresses his deity status among DG fans.

With no hints, it;s unclear if Hot Head is from Bottomless Pit but the track’s black cover art is signals that there’s a pretty good chance. #BottomlessPitWhen