aligning with the sun artWe raved about Dear Tracks latest EP Soft Dreams, a collection of songs driven by spacious malaise and studded riffs. The band is back with new material, only a few months removed from the aforementioned EP.

After parting ways with You Blew It!, Matt Messore moved from the comfortable temps of Florida to the cooler Michigan. In some ways, Messore brought the warms tropics with him to the North and imbued into his project Dear Tracks, co-fronted with Victoria Ovenden.

Aligning With The Sun, a one-off single for a special release with Native Sound (made to order from what I understand). The track sways with aqueous synths and misshapened guitar notes, both bleached with sun-chiming reverb. Pouring with melancholic intricacy, Aligning With The Sun is the dazzling dream-pop precursor for the summer-to-fall twilight.

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