Austenite Santiago Dietche made his debut under his moniker Daphne late last year with All My Life and very recently, put out another airy track, Good News.

Starting with a cluster of oak-tinged chords, the track quickly morphs into a madly upbeat number. Infectious with positive undercurrents, Dietche gushes about a change in luck, his new tattoo and what’s to come. Amid the sundries of glistening pop and unwinding guitars, the feeling of liberation being emited only intensifies as the music wanes. Dietche has had this to say about the track on Bandcamp:

song’s about that mood you feel when you drive alone and your mind drives faster. when you get to think freely as though you are alone in your room and simultaneously in motion.

Take a detour, walk to the nearest hilltop, lie on your back, and watch the clouds go by with this running through your headphones.

Cereal Pairing: A toasty bowl of Rice Krispies with melted marshmallows and chocolate chips