It’s pretty cold out here on the east coast, but Santa Barbara’s Dante Elephante are keeping us warm. With their dreamy vocals, fast moving melodies, and soothing sounds, this surf-pop four-piece are making big waves.

Pasadena Dreams, the second single off their debut album “Anglo-Saxon Summer (released back in October), pulls you out of reality, and into a dream. The infectious melody remains consistent throughout the track, with breaks of fuzzy falsetto, heaps of high-hat hitting, and loads of lyrical truth.

I can’t wait for no one, you gotta make your mind before you grow up” don’t do it for me, just do it for yourself” the world is going on with or without you”

Pasadena Dreams will be the 30th release from UK label Super Fan 99, and just in time for Valentine’s Day, will be available on heart-shaped vinyl (so much better than some shitty chocolates). Don’t sleep (pun intended) on Dante Elephante.

  Check out the Foxygen produced, Wes Anderson dream of a video below, where 1964 England couldn’t be more relevant.


Cereal Pairing: Marshallow Dreams, because Dante Elephante is a dream of a band!