[caption id=“attachment_638” align=“aligncenter” width=“1024”]whothefuckisDANTHEHUMAN Screenshot of Dan The Human’s SoundCloud page, the only thing we got.[/caption]

Bands usually leave a paper trail on the Internet, making it easier for us to do our homework. There are the usual social media accounts, friends taking photos of their shows, and great music sites (like this one) writing about them. Dan the Human is not that band, the enigmatic project has been mum since their first upload, which begs the question; WHO THE FUCK IS DAN THE HUMAN? With only a Soundcloud page to go by, the only thing I know is that he or the band is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, assuming that its accurate. Despite being secretive, they’re also prolific, uploading a few songs a month on their said Soundcloud account, and even being a part of an official release by lending a track to the 80N7 All American Edition compilation. Earlier in the year I asked 80N7 about Dan The Human, they too didn’t know much about them/him/her. Your guess is good as ours as the only other site to pose the same question has no damn clue either.

Fermi Paradox” is a twangy prancer that’s gushing with infectious emo grooves and even ventures into twinkle territory during the bridge. Tony Hawk needs to get this appended to the first Pro Skater soundtrack somehow.

The people over at 80N7 said there could be a possibility that Dan The Human records a full length, but still, who the fuck are these guys? They did say he” so at least we got that going for us.


Also I reached out to 80N7 recently and they gave us some more info. He’s finishing up school and plays bass in another band called Cacciato.