You’re only really ever in a CVS at night when you have to be, and you’re only really ever listening to CVS At Night when you want to be.

This Brooklyn four-piece consists of Evi Antonio (vocals), Adam Brodsky (bass), Ben Dorenfeld (drums), and Samson The Truest (guitar). Their psych rock sound is a successful attempt at encapsulating the spirit” of being in a CVS at night on their debut LP, Screw Your Brains’ (available now via Invertebrate).

The album opens with Olivia, a gentle jangle filled with angelic harmonies and an invitation for more impossible to ignore. Power Couple” is as strong as the name suggests, and quickly becomes the anthem for all of our #relationshipgoals.

Depressed Surfer” and Hit and Run” are as dark as those two situations would be, thoroughly weaving an ominous element throughout the album. The change of tempo in Mudd Club“ (ft. Maria Usbeck) vividly paints an image of dancing through Aisle 12, while White Boy Stu” quickly washes that feeling away in antithesis.

In a trippy, dream like state, Pretenders (Hit 2 Run)”  comes together in the end, making way for the two gems of the album - Cheeky and Weeping Roses.” Closing the album on the strongest note with these tracks solidifies CVS At Night’s debut, and makes a solid case for their existence as a band.

CVS At Night said about their album,

This album came out of a process of 100 demos, whittled down eventually to 9 songs, based on how we felt at some precise moment. It’s a random reflection that if you asked us to compile the same record today, might sound entirely different. We basically just hung out and listened to everything from Hall and Oates and Television to contemporary artists like Chaz Bundick and Mark Barrott. We’re a couple of dudes with day jobs who used to go to college dance parties when we are your friends” sounded like the second coming, but now that we’re older and lamer, we’ve embraced yacht rock, and our inner dads.

And their cereal pairing,

I’d probably pair this listening experience with whole wheat cheerios, because it’s high in fiber. Maybe add some banana if you’re feeling real edgy.”