cut-worms-at-homeA Chicago transplant, Max Clarke relocated to Brooklyn, NY further his music. Clarke goes under the name Cut Worms and has been quietly uploading demos onto Bandcamp. With songs dating back to 2014, an EP, and a long trail of demos, Clarke’s begun to pique the interests of many, including Eleanor Friedberger, Steve Gunn and the Chicago-based Randy Records, who released Clarke’s 7″ single containing Don’t Want To Say Goodbye & Like Going Down Sideways. Drawing influence from contemporary music from the 1950’s and early 1960’s, many of the tracks Clarke has put out as Cut Worms feel antiquated yet newfangled at the same time due to its seldom appearance in music today.

How Can It Be is one of the many demos that are parked on Clarke’s Soundcloud page, and recently compiled by Dumpster Tapes for the At Home EP. Road-worn guitar twang delights with exuberant boogie-woogie piano, Clarke’s warm and suave vocals echo the stylings to the Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly, How Can It Be sounds like one of those timeless love songs you’d hear on classic pop radio. Every element on the track feels old-world, the subtle crackles in the tape, the mono-like quality, and the vintage instrumentation, all accentuating the sounds of American pop music long ago.

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