After rummaging through a bunch of actual cruise directors in Atlanta, and realizing that Cruise Director has virtually (pun always intended) no internet presence yet, we realized that that didn’t really matter. Their recently released debut EP, “In The Driveway After It All, has the strength to stand on its own and draw a sense of curiosity and intrigue from listeners.

Cruise Director is comprised of Spencer King, Evan Hynes, Josh Brook, and Andy Harrison. This Georgian gang unsurprisingly rides a solid surf-rock wave behind some of our other Peach State favorites like Govier, New Madrid, and Triathalon. One of all gems on the EP, _Two Story Deck”_ serves as yet another staple in our summer playlist. A highlighted vocal is instrumentally carried throughout, as the musical magic builds, and then comes to a delicately paced close. Storying a seemingly ideal summer day of swimming in the lake, partying with your friends, and N.W.A.’ing the police, this track is truly telling of the promise and potential Cruise Director has.

Cereal Pairing: honey-smacksHoney Smacks, for that undeniably sweetness.