Crafted Sounds is the Pittsburgh-based record label founded by Connor Murray, with the goal to highlight local music. Run out of his Pittsburgh University dorm, Murray grew up going to shows in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. and was always drawn to the communities they created. Allured by this, Murray wanted to bring attention to the local Pittsburgh music scene, a city that often gets overshadowed by its Eastern neighbor, Philadelphia. Crafted Sounds roster is built upon the music of friends and locals in and near the city (such as Surf Bored), and beyond (like High Sunn).

2016 was no doubt a strange and terrible year that left many hopeless and anxious for the future. Like many after this past election, Murray didn’t want to stay idle and wanted to stave off new the administration. Have A Nice Day is a compilation compiled to help out a great organization. The proceeds earned by the release would be donated to Planned Parenthood, an invaluable organization for women that, like so many others, are anticipating to be gutted or lose funding. Comprised of 15 bands, the compilation represents the Pittsburgh music community, featuring a wide gamut of sounds. From Rues infectious jam It Could Be You to wwomans mystic (yet raunchily titled) Eating Ass to String Machines scattered Garden.The compliation is a great introduction to Pittsburgh music while also contributing to a great cause.

To celebrate the release and serve as fundraisers for Planned Parenthood, Crafted Sounds is throwing a pair of shows in Pittsburgh:

    3-2-2017 @ 7:30 PM @ Dogfunk w/ Jack Stauber, Surf Bored, Pinestripe Sunny, Side Ape
    3-18-2017 @ 7:30 PM w/ Capsule Corp, Spacefish, Rue, wwoman, String Machine

Cereal Pairing: Honey Combs