constant companionConstant Companion is a trio based in Brooklyn, NY. The band is comprised of Cassie Youngstrom on guitar and vocals, James Keogh on bass, and Stephen Zimmer on drums. In Transit is the band’s first pair of songs, which were recorded earlier this year at Salant Sound.

Lifted from a sign familiar to NYC commuters, Downtown & Brooklyn” reeks of pop charm and existential crisis. Pacing to and fro on recent events, Youngstrom’s calming vocals brings some sense to everything, as she weighs on regret and self-doubt. Much like the transit system it’s title pays homage to, the track’s has a hurried tempo, but yet feels lax, which is reminiscent of the stoic pop of the mid-90’s like Gaze and Go Sailor.

The band have local a show coming up next month (12/19) at The Grand Victory.