computer-magiccomputer-magicDanielle Johnson, or Danz aka Computer Magic, and I share the same alma matter, something that struck me I got wind of her music during my first semester at Hunter College in the fall of 2010. But only one of us is a master at crafting confectionary pop music (spoiler, its not me).

After a few years of a consistent output of singles, EPs and even landing a TV spot, Danz is readying her (United States) debut LP Davos (via her label Channel 9). It’s lead single, Be Fair” is buoyant and Danz as ebullient as ever, with chippy synth daps, and wistful electronics. Its pure ecstasy when Danz gets to the refrain, singing be fair and I’ll tell you I’ll love you” over go-go drums that get washed over with her dreamy harmonies.