Every year, bands/artists, music bloggers, A&R/Record label big-heads, converge in New York City for the annual CMJ Music Marathon. As expected, there is going to be a LOT of good music, making it hard to make sense of it all. But we’re here to help.

Here’s our list of official and unofficial showcases you’ll want to be at, hand picked by our staff:


Monday 10/12

Oh My Rockness CMJ Kick Off Party @ Elvis Guesthouse | TIX $5 DOOR

Big Ups Yvette ULD Shopping

Tuesday 10/13

Cake Shop Presents @ The Cake Shop | FREE

Bent Denim Sweet Bronco Chomp Nox Boys

Sugar Mama BK CMJ Showcase @ LPR | TIX

Teen Sharkmuffin Total Slacker Beverly Looms

WFUV CMJ Showcase @ Rockwood Music Hall | FREE

Hooton Tennis Club Martin Courtney (Real Estate) Fraser A. Gorman The Suffers

Tell All Your Friends CMJ Showcase @ The Cameo Gallery | TIX

Alexander F Waltz Pearls Cheatahs Bayonne Methyl Ethel Warbly Jets Mothers

Pianos CMJ Kickoff Party @ Pianos | FREE

Cosmo Sheldrake Crooked Colours Slum Sociable Robbing Millions Caveboy Good Morning Them Bruins

Dr. Martens Stand For Something CMJ Showcase @ Dr. Martens Store | FREE w/ RSVP

Beverly Pinact Expert Alterations

Bayonet Records CMJ Showcase @ Baby’s All Right | TIX

Frankie Cosmos Mega Bog Sheer Agony Laced

The Syndicate’s Presents Conflict of Interest @ Brooklyn Bowl | FREE w/ RSVP

Joywave Oberhofer Grace Mitchell Kid Bayonne

Wednesday 10/14

NME + PopGun + House Arrest CMJ Party @ Santos Party House | TIX

UPSTAIRS: Perfect Pussy Protomartyr Yung Seratones Hooton Tennis Club

DOWNSTAIRS: Dilly Dally Downtown Boys Shopping Nico Yaryan Car Seat Headrest Yak

Spectacles Sessions + Seagreen Records + Exploding In Sound CMJ Showcase @ Elvis Guesthouse | TIX $8 DOOR

Big Ups Japanese Breakfast Vundabar Soft Fangs Operator Mattress Financial Strange Kids Terrible Roars

Dr. Martens Stand For Something Showcase @ Pianos | FREE w/ RSVP

SHOWROOM: Beverly Weaves Expert Alterations Oscar Pinact Car Seat Headrest Yung

UPSTAIRS: Shopping Eternal Summers Hockey Dad Hin Du Wildhoney Cheetahs Mercury Girls

Iron Pier CMJ Showcase @ The Acheron | TIX

Wildhoney Expert Alterations Weed Hounds Pills

Panache CMJ Showcase @ The Knitting Factory | TIX

Ezra Furman Juan Wauters Drinks Slim Twig Sheer Agony The Babe Rainbow Gramma’s Boyfriend

BrooklynVegan + Collect Records + Vinyl Me, Please Showcase @ Baby’s All Right | TIX

Nothing No Devotion Wax Idols Creepoid Foxes in Fiction

Treefort + Duck Club CMJ Showcase @ The Cameo Gallery | TIX

Willis Earl Beal Magic Sword Street Fever Sun Blood Stories Foul Weather

Handsome Dad Records Presents A Free CMJ Party @ Baby’s All Right | FREE

Slum Sociable Beach Baby Oscar Georgia

Niagara Showcase @ Niagara | FREE

Look Vibrant Surf Rock Is Dead Buhu


Thursday 10/15

NYC Taper CMJ Showcase @ The Cake Shop | FREE

Car Seat Headrest Dirty Ghosts NE-HI Mothers Zachary Cale Dirty Dishes Vomitface Whomps

Bella Union CMJ Showcase @ LPR | TIX

Mercury Rev Ezra Furman Landshapes Mammut Holly Macve

Cake Shop Presents @ The Cake Shop | TIX

Weaves Sweet Spirit Diet Cig Shopping tricot S Robbing Millions

Sub Pop CMJ Showcase @The Knitting Factory | TIX

Protomartyr Strange Wilds The GOTOBEDS S Mass Gothic

Hand Drawn Dracula + 1 Percent + Sweetwater CMJ Showcase @ Alphaville | TIX $10 DOOR

Ringo Deathstarr Dead Leaf Echo Lazyeyes Nailbiter Vallens Beliefs

Topshelf Records CMJ Showcase @ Shea Stadium | FREE

Nai Harvest Donovan Wolfington Wildhoney Solids Clique Infinity Girl Lizard Kisses

Harpoon Brewery Presents: CMJ Unplugged @ The Knitting Factory | FREE

Holly Miranda Morningsiders Frankie Cosmos Special Guest TBA Ben Abraham Alice Phoebe Lou Mail The Horse

Friday 10/16

Unimpressed Fest (DNNM + Willow Wood + 80N7) - Night One - @ Black Bear Brooklyn | TIX TBA

Ringo Deathstarr Oso Oso Mumblr Pinact Boosegumps Soft Cough Good Morning

Panache CMJ Showcase @ Baby’s All Right | TIX

The Men Destruction Unit Michael Rault Celestial Shore Dirty Ghosts Beach Baby

Inland Empire CMJ Showcase @ The Cake Shop | TIX

Spray Paint Turn To Crime Eaters The GOTOBEDS J. Fernandez Tweens

CMJ + Atypical Beasts Presents @ The Delancey | FREE

ROOFTOP DECK: Frances Gone Avi Jacob Caitlin Harnett Kat Quinn

MAIN FLOOR: Tow3rs Lena Fayre Caveboy Lazer Cake Wolkoff Surf Rock Is Dead!

DOWNSTAIRS LOUNGE: Teen Commandments Flint Eastwood New Myths Lazyeyes Of Clocks and Clouds

Aquarium Drunkard Presents: No Jacket Required @ Rough Trade NYC | TIX

Protomartyr Omni The Lemon Twigs Yoko and the Oh Nos Mothers Car Seat Headrest Modern Vices

Cymbal FM. + Terrible Records CMJ Showcase @ The Cameo Gallery | FREE

Porches LE1F Empress Of Deradoorian Kirin J Callinan Okay Kaya Jimmy Whispers Kaya Stolen Jars

Terrorbird CMJ Showcase @ The Cake Shop | FREE

Avan Lava The Album Leaf Deradoorian Stealing Sheep (Special Guest TBA) Nai Harvest PWR BTTM

The Deli Magazine + Pianos CMJ Showcase @ Pianos | TIX SHOWROOM / FREE UPSTAIRS

SHOWROOM: Mild High Club Weaves Beverly Eternal Summers Diet Cig Stolen Jars Controller The Fluids Vundabar

UPSTAIRS: Golden Pony Solvey My Body Yes Alexander Paperwhite

R.I.P. - Strange Victory Touring CMJ Showcase @ Union Pool | TIX TBA

Spray Paint PC Worship Strange Wilds

Titus Andronicus w/ Ex Hex + The Spiderbags @ Warsaw | TIX

Saturday 10/17 


Unimpressed Fest (DNNM + Willow Wood + 80N7) - Night Two - @ The Studio At Webster Hall | TIX

Nai Harvest  Solids Furnsss US & US Only Alaska Donovan Wolfington Whitney **just added 9/16** ^^ Gleemer DJ Set ^^


AdHoc Car Wash @ Hand and Detail Car Wash Center | TIX

Destruction Unit Perfect Pussy Porches LVL UP Downtown Boys Pity Sex Potty Mouth Protomartyr Sheer Mag Whitney

Fire Talk + Silent Barn Presents: A Record and Tape Fair @ The Silent Barn | FREE (accepting donations for bands)

Turn To Crime Crosss ADVAETA Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk Murals Pinact Fern Mayo

Honor Press Showcase (SECRET LINEUP) @ The Silent Barn | $10 DOOR

The Beehive at CMJ (Wild Honey Pie) @ The Wick | FREE w/ RSVP or $5 DOOR

Frankie Cosmos Phony Ppl Dent May (solo) Lazyeyes Fraser A. Gorman Stone Cold Fox The Britanys Acid Dad Sam Cohen Piers Corbu

Cake Shop Presents @ The Cake Shop | FREE

Expert Alterations Palm Eternal Summers Solids Garden of Elks Chomp

The Bowery Presents CMJ 2015 Day Party @ Pianos | FREE

DOWNSTAIRS: Lemon Twigs Methyl Ethel Nico Yaryan Mild High Club Fraser A Gorman Hooton Tennis Club

UPSTAIRS: Whitney Bayonne Aquilo Ben Abraham Zachary Cale Car Seat Headrest

Riot Act Media CMJ Showcase @ Pete’s Candy Store | FREE

Nai Harvest Baeb Rxxth Diet Cig Hethers Light Music Last Good Truth

Exploding In Sound + Gimme Tinnitus + Ipsum Unofficial CMJ Showcase @ Aviv | TIX

Cold Sweats Doubting Thomas Cruise Control Playboy Mansion Dirty Dishes Nonsense Magnet School Strange Wilds Chomp Needs Solids Crosss

Pancakes and Whiskey’s Bangin’ and Jammin’ CMJ Party @ Pianos | FREE

Narc Twain Weaves Outfit Vulkano Smoke Season CULTFEVER

Run For Cover Records CMJ Showcase @ Palisades | FREE w/ RSVP

Pity Sex Makthaverskan Crying Teen Suicide LVL UP Petal Spencer Radcliffe Pinegrove

Seaport Music Festival + Paper Garden CMJ Showcase @ Fulton Stall Market | FREE


STAGE 2 (207A FRONT STREET) Tiny Hazard Spritzer Lazyeyes EMEFE Arms The Teen Age S Dirty Ghosts Haley Bonar (Solo) Michael Rault Celestial Shore

Urban Outfitters Party @ Space Ninety 8 | FREE

Martin Courtney Soren Juul Car Seat Headrest The Lemon Twigs

Unblinking Ear Unofficial CMJ Showcase @ Union Pool | TIX $10 DOOR

Spray Paint The Gotobeds Big Quiet Snowmans of Love

Sunday 10/18

Conscious Coupling II: The Homecoming (Father/Daughter + Miscreant Records) @ Palisades | TIX

Bad Cello Comfy Bethlehem Steel Fern Mayo Diet Cig Downies PWR BTTM I Tried to Run Away When I Was 6 Vagabon Hiccup Sports Nicholas Nicholas ROMP