Closet Goth is the solo project of Colin Bauer. Bauer, who is based in Gilbert, AZ, runs the record label Warped Your Records which focuses on local music and beyond. Previously making music under CLOUD NINE, Bauer started Closet Goth to pursue a different sound that reflects his new surroundings. His latest record, Pretty Dead is a genre-puzzler that takes on avant-garde characteristics.

The jarring opener, I Used To Be Good At Flirting But Now I’m Just Bad At Math is teetering with unbridled instrumentation. Working off a simple hook, the track explodes into an acidic art-rock spastic rush. Between the herky-jerky riff and torrential delivery of delirious no-wave, the experimental banger should be used as a mosh pit accelerant everywhere.

Cereal Pairing: A kaleidoscopic bowl of Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles and Almond Milk