clearanceIndie rock paragon, Pavement, gave life to oodles of great music the past two decades. They’ve been responsible, whether is directly or indirectly, for countless of bands that fall under the slacker rock” umbrella. Following a series of excellent EPs, Clearances debut, Rapid Rewards (via Tall Pat Records) feels like deja vu. Hailing from the Windy City, Clearance is one of those many bands influenced by the seminal band, but can only claim the distinction of being a mid-west carbon copy of the band. Mid-record cut Parlance Quote breathes heavy of the malaise rock on Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. American thesaurus hugging front-man, Mike Bellis, channels his inner Malkmus with an ambivalent drawl and sharp-tongued rhyme schemes.  The only thing they’re missing is their own Bob Nastanovich.

Editor’s Note: This writer is an obsessive Pavement fan and sneaks them to reviews every week. He needs to go on a Pavement-detox. 

Cereal Pairing: Mini Wheats (unfrosted) mixed in with Reese Puffs while you get your schooling on