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clara joy far from here album coverclara joy far from here album cover

With her penchant for making the habit of over-analysis both compelling and relatable, Clara Joy continues to expel her anxieties. On her latest release, Far From Here, Joy continues to share her cynical doubts with her verbose stream of consciousness and spry melodies.

Encroaching the threshold of adulthood with her entrance to college, Joy’s anxieties and doubts have manifested in more avenues. On the topical opener, Drop Out”, Joy motions through the shifts in life and old friends leaving for their academic lives. She laments to her friends away at college:”I am alone in New York and I miss you very much while also reassuring them they can drop out and return home. Joy works in her cynicism, making light of the arbitrary perks that one would come to expect with college, a big waste of time.

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